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Repair swimming pool

Why do I care about this project?

I want to fix the roof of the youth club because I know how important it is for our kids. Having children of my own, I know there aren’t too many safe places for them to meet their friends. The youth workers really helped my kids during some exceptionally difficult times and I have seen them help many other kids in the community too.

How will the money be spent?

We need £750 of materials to complete this project: Bricks - £200, paint – £150, other materials - £200, labour - £200

When will supporters see the difference?

The initial design work should take two weeks. It will then take one month to repair the roof. The youth club can open again as soon as it’s repaired. We’ll give daily updates on this page and weekly email updates with pictures letting you know how we’re getting on.

What we need?

We're raising $7500 to fix the floor of your local youth club because our kids need somewhere to meet

Raised $: 0

About me

My name is Pavel

I have been a youth worker in Bristol for 12 years. I have been lucky enough to get to know the local community very well and have worked on quite a few other local projects such as the regenerating of the sports center and the retirement village garden.

Contact me

I want to fix the roof of our local community group which is in desperate need of repair. The youth club has had to close and the local kids have nowhere else to go. A lot of those kids are relying on the club as it’s one of the few places left that they can meet with their friends and, as a parent, it’s nice to know they are in safe hands.

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